Creativity never gets old…

It’s my passion to work closely with clients, adding life, colour, form and sound to the most embryonic idea.
Collaboration brings out our mutual creative, technical, market and life knowledge. Browse the work here according to your needs.

When you need to:

Mo libretto full logo

Design your brand.Logos are just the beginning.

Logos may be just the beginning, but they’re a good beginning. A logo has to work really hard for you. As your sponsor and ambassador, it goes where you can’t and reaches people you’ll never see. 

How will it look on the side of a building? On a favicon above your website?

Promote an existing brand. Stay in touch in fun ways.

Many ways exist to stay top of mind without being irritating. Like this  opera singer who wanted his portrait done digitally, so he could email a postcard over the New Year to his clients all over the world. Postcards are always welcome in the world that’s mainly online now.

More on this project on News & Views. 

Roger Krebs digital portrait
Awehness logo & T-shirt design Scarborough Ecogroup

Spread awareness. Why be amazing so quietly?

Spreading the word can take many forms – from logos on top of cars, for potential clients gazing out of high buildings, to word of mouth, to the ads that follow you on the net, after you said XYZ in a chat. From there, it’s a short hop to the murmuring holograms accosting everyone in Bladerunner II. 

But our branding demands constant inspiration to tell people about us, what we do, and why we should do it for them. Keeping it fresh and innovative is the fun part.

Edutain children. Fun vs education?

There was this grim feeling about education long ago, when fun had a moral stigma to it.

South African kids could only find stories with a moral, or education to better the young mind. ‘An improving book’… straight out of Victorian times. Children do love to learn, inspired by parents or older siblings. But let’s have fun mind-food! 

Like Jeanne Welsh’s ‘Yoga for Kids’ cards (right), classroom materials are as important as schoolbooks. 

Children's Edutainment - yoga cards
Discussion group around a table.

Empower adults. So we can all rise.

Prisoners deciding on distance learning; staff members attending workshops; government officials bettering their skills – all can spread huge ripples through the well-being of an entire society. 

Retrenchments can be avoided by large and small companies and disaster averted with the right training. But most of us still retain only 10% of what we learned, long term. Here graphics and humour grab the synapses other methods cannot reach.  If not humour, then ‘elegant, simple and clear’ will prevent fuzzy-mode.

Organise information. Make it clear if it isn't simple.

Simplify complicated things and make them accessible, digestible and even beautiful.

The samples shown in this section include 
posters; a few maps; an explanation by an engineer of how his spaceplane flies; how a poem can distill something profound into a few words, and some fun flip-chart diagrams.

map-uct-main, icing style
Close up - Xuki, character from Little Wingsters TV series

Make ideas visible. Walk and talk and show and tell.

Almost* everything made by human hands, began with a line.  Words are wonderful, but nothing says it like an image does.

People quarrel about what art is, but most would agree that the best way to share ideas is with a few explanatory lines. Not of text, no. Sit down at the back there.

So – allow me please, to help. If you don’t draw unto yourself pictures, then draw unto yourself this artist.

*‘Almost’, to shut up the whataboutery.

Grow online. Engage the senses of multitudes.

Video remains the most compelling medium to grab attention. Our ancient instinct to watch a moving object is as strong as ever.

Two years ago, John Hollaway of Swala Aerospace collaborated with me on a movie for YouTube, to help with raising funds for his spaceplane. 

Also online are some of my own movies on YouTube and Vimeo.

More on all this, Beyond the Button.

Swala Aerospace movie

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