Illustration is mostly educational work for adults and children, but it’s also involved in the other visual work.


Into this box go all kinds of things, from films I’ve either edited or filmed or animated as well as current work.


Whether to put some work under illustration or design – solved by nixing the either-or and going with both-and.

Photographic Retouching

Photographic retouching has long been part of my illustration work and it’s only now that it has its own section.


Am relatively new at this (unless you count a student work from ten years ago) but it’s something I massively enjoy.

Copywriting & Concepts

Concepts have always been a strength, and it’s good to be able to express them in writing, whether they’re yours or mine. 

Case Studies

Dave Britzius

animation | character design | website icons
online courses  | image retouching

Dave and I met in 2007 when he was looking for an illustrator/designer to help with his online courses he was planning. We worked on these together, and later I designed an avatar for him to use as a signature element.

Later still, Dave expanded his high-end computer business and went into building aircraft simulators. So a new avatar appeared, with an animated scarf blowing in the wind. Most recently, I designed a cover for his e-book on how to construct your own simulator. This also involved some retouching of the photo of his simulator already built.

Jeanne Welsh

 yoga cards | instruction booklet | package design  
e-book | toy

Together with Nia Thorpe, Jeanne van der Merwe co-founded Calm Classrooms, which perfectly expresses the most important benefit of the programme, i.e bringing calm to classrooms.

The aim is to bring yoga to schools using classroom materials in the form of 35 yoga cards and a teacher’s guide contained in a custom-designed box. Later we added an e-book as well.

Since a calm child is much more teachable, the learning experience  benefits the teacher and the class. 


illustration for adult education | lip synced animations | comics

For my client POEMA, I contributed illustrations for a number of materials including books; a poster, (which was later turned into several posters); and some animations to introduce and end coursework modules. We’ve been working together since 2015.

GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit) is an amazing organisation, creating capacity in governments and empowering people internationally, to carry on the work themselves.

Working mainly in Africa, the Philipines and India, UNICEF is internationally known for their work supporting the welfare of children living in poverty.

Swala Aerospace

artist’s impressions | explainer video | whiteboard animation | website design

Swala Aerospace is John Hollaway’s company in the UK. The work began with a diagram of the seven stages of the Swala spaceplane flight. Then came several artist’s impressions of the craft: first the Swala and then the prototype, ‘Baby Swala’, which is to be constructed as a proof of concept. 

Next came a 11 minute film to sell the concept to funders, and finally a website, I can’t wait for lift-off!


 logo and general corporate id | newsletters | course materials | script, costumes and props for play | website 

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One World

 animated teasers | folder designs | cd covers
banners | illustrated  dividers for folders

One World is active in helping countries to manage and become resilient to the effects of climate change, with constrained resources with a focus on a science-policy-development interface. RCCP for whom I did the conference materials featured here, is a subsidiary.

The conference prepared delegates attending COP15 in 2007.

A few facts about my projects

It has always been difficult to explain what I do. At the time of writing, at the beginning of 2020, there are five projects on the go (more a saunter than a go, actually) excluding the six animation projects I’m busy with.

The five projects are:

Dappleshades: functional art in the form of paper designs from Nature;

Top Drawers: a drawing course in 12 modules to be taught online;

Visual art: digitised pencil drawings currently sold through Society6;

Xuki Handmade: handmade shoes, also related to a character from one of my TV shows in development, and the last one, the Lendit Book, I will keep under wraps for now.

The animation/screenwriting work is all on this site under Walkie-Talkies. 

So… what to do… until Barbara Sher video on YouTube enlightened me. I’m a polymath. Though I prefer ‘omnivore’. And there are many others out there. We are not necessarily geniuses, but we are deeply fascinated by many things. Our time is now, and I’m loving every minute, since the good Ms Sher says we can do it all. If we never sleep again. Kidding – one of the group has now put up a diary system that enables people to forge ahead without having to clone themselves.

So – here it all is, and you can pick and choose and not be confused. Nobody’s going to need all of it but I do hope you’ll find your way easily. And am open to comments and constructive suggestions.

The image on the left is all about one of my dreams for the future: if all goes according to plan, VR will be part of it. 

P.S. I have found a new truth, to do with this. Check it out: Slow Multi-tasking. And it has some illustrious practitioners in its long history. Patience is key!