Dave Britzius’s GUI redo

A GUI redo – just what the doctor ordered!

From time to time I work with clients who need their own designs translated into websites, and sometimes it’s the other way round: I’m needed to design the GUI and the client is more than capable of doing the back-end. Such a person is Dave Britzius, a multi-faceted man who does 3D illustration, web-design and supplies high-end computers to… well, other people like himself, basically. This is what his computer-supply website looked like, and Dave wanted it changed:

Previous site for davebritzius.com
This is the ‘before’ pic
Click on the image to visit Dave’s site

Dave's new site

And this, after much back-and-forwarding, some small but passionate arguments and digging in of heels on both sides, is what we came up with.

I, for one, will often be visiting this site to read up on technical and computer-related matters I wouldn’t otherwise know about. Having bought my last two computers from him and had lots of help many times, I can recommend Dave whole-heartedly to anyone needing something more than a run-of-the-mill computer.