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Photorealism – making anything possible.

A photorealistic image can be better than a photograph.

Details and effects with paint programs can touch up photos or produce completely original work.

Photorealism helps your dreams and the world they live in, to be utterly believable. For technical drawings, convincing cutaway views are only possible with realistically drawn detail, drawn from various sources for a new, more accessible perspective. Even with 3D CGI, touch-ups are often necessary.

Light effects not possible in nature are easy with this technique. We can focus on just one individual in a crowd, and either light only them, or add e.g blurring, to others around them.

Drak in lab Mutants at The MallDownload a portfolio in this style here. Some of the work includes photography in places. Another portfolio features only original illustration, with touch-ups blanked-out. 

Other REALISTIC styles: Collage, Fotomelt