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Scribbly is versatile.

Good for heartwarming or serious stories and a fast style for storyboards ~  all the info, action and emotion can be effortlessly included.

Use this style for your conservative end-users, who prefer realism – images simply telling a story or bringing information. Traditional doesn’t mean boring. The Scribbly style can give huge amounts of information, along with light and shade, texture and emotion. 

Pure Pencil  and the Scribbly style are a good marriage when the book’s budget allows no colour. The paper used for printing is often cheaper and thinner. So pencil drawings give less show-through from the other side of the page. But the scanning of pencil drawings must be done skillfully.

Clients include Cambridge University Press,  Shuters, Maskew Miller Longman.

Other EXPRESSIVE styles: Squishy Hard, Squishy Soft.