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3D graphics are just part of everyday life by now…



Combine 3D Graphics with Hyperreal to add highlights to machinery or other details like a blurred, darker, or brighter area.

3D graphics are very useful to animate stories. While 2D still has its charms, we now have a choice, even when it comes to expressiveness. There is even a way of making a 3D movie look like a 2D movie, and retaining the advantages of each. Very different from when I first started. Much of the work here is very old, and awaits a new infusion of updated  skills in contemporary (and free!)software. I developed the storyboard with iClone 6 by Reallusion, combined with photographic backgrounds.

With this technique, you can:

  • Entertain, by telling animated stories.
  • Explain a complex process simply so that most people can take it in because of its realism. One can also add detailed info with an exploded diagram.
  • Promote an existing 2D character as a brand by making her/him/it more life-like, upmarket and lovable.
  • Create fly-through previews of buildings, whether the structure has still to be built or exists already. One can even offer options and swap out windows, decor, all colours, etc.
  • Bring extra glamour to logos by adding the third dimension, combined with textures, cool lighting and movement.
  • With fantasy subjects, there are no limits. Lighting via a 3D program can act in a way Nature cannot allow. So. In an audience of hundreds, a single light beam can shine on one person, with the others still shrouded in darkness. People and objects can acquire an eerie glow, lit from within. Scriptwriters never tire of ‘force of nature’ weather effects, where vortexes of blue light come spiralling down from the sky to change a character in a movie. Or remove the evil villain altogether, usually with much blue light snaking up and down them, in a most satisfying way.
  • Promote your brand: As seen in the explainer video samples, it is now possible to put the face of a client onto a 3D character and use this medium to announce what the company does. The entire slideshow will be up soon, and a video is being planned.