Squishy Soft

squishy hard | squishy soft scribble


Squishy Soft is one of my most often used styles for educational illustration.

Squishy Soft is good for all kinds of subjects, from factual to moody to poetic.

A variable or squishy line adds sensitivity to the image. It also adds info e.g. to an line drawing, showing light and shadow with a thinner or thicker line. 

And if the outline is soft and blurry, it can add an artistic edge even to a wheelbarrow as you will see in the slideshow. Here the intention was to contrast this artistic version as much as possible with the technical one.

This style is great for cutesy subjects like teddy bears, fluffy animals and cherubs because its soft feel echoes the texture of the object/subject, e.g. the bunny-slippers.