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Grobby is the newest and thus the 24th style.

Grobby was inspired by Kristofer Strom’s videos and art

This new style has very little to do with either. But watching his animations somehow freed me up to do something new.

Back in the 80′s I was exposed to comic art, much of it very avant-garde. The artists were as obscure as they were talented. I remember saying, ‘I just can’t draw as ugly as that.’ Didn’t understand at all…

More recently, there was a glimmer of what they were about. Check out the children’s drawings for ‘My Children’s Act’. There was a charm there I just couldn’t replicate. Probably, I never will. But the Grobby style brings so much fun to my work. Local high school learners seem to enjoy it too.

All work on this page was done with Kate Beaumont for Cambridge University Press