Icing style: educational illustration, title page textbook

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Icing style was invented for a menu cover needing a certain naïve simplicity.



The Icing style can also look like traditional African embroidery. In that sense it’s been used for an intro page for a textbook for local schools featuring aspects of South African life. It doesn’t appear often, but sometimes it’s the only style for a certain effect or mood. It is more delicate than the Legend style, which can seem too heavy, with its black outlines. African can also be subtle, after all. In fact – in the African culture, with its intricate customs and etiquette, subtleties rule.

In South Africa we have many cultures, far more than the eleven official languages. It’s always a joy to borrow from other traditions and to honour them. Quite apart from that, this style is colourful and decorative – just right for the maps commissioned by the University of Cape Town, for people to find their way to and around the campuses.

The menu was one of the props in an ad for a toy ice-cream making machine. Here the style shows confectionery decorations and fantasy- with a child-like, playful character. The icing style was perfect for the menu drawings. The African embroidery possibilities came much later.

The Icing style can combine many elements, just like collages. Many different things can be knitted together or linked with one dominant style.  Each is still its own picture, though, in the intro page showing different elements of South African life. The purpose is different to that of the Fotomelt technique, where many elements come together to form one picture or scene.

Clients whose work appears here includes: Shuter and Shooter (Pty) Ltd; Axis Films