Paper Art

Paper shapes style: exhibition stand for off-road trip company

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Paper art covers a fairly wide spectrum of ‘looks’. 

The extra dimension is what makes it different to the Cut-out style.

It may appear to be the Cut-out style with a drop shadow but there is an effort to make it look like paper. This is done by perhaps adding a linen grain. The shadow is usually part of it. One can also imitate a crayon or pencil line on it, or a ragged edge using the the highly gifted computer only. In some cases the paper has been photographed. 

The idea of using old or stained paper is a good way to get away from the constant digital feel. The work of e.g. Patrick Latimer, Cape Town, has inspired me to play with that technique more often.

 In other examples of this style, from my Shylight paper decor range, the paper becomes a 3D sculpture evoking foliage or a cascade of bubbles or stones.  There’s no reason not to use this as an illustration technique as well. I’ve used it in an animation to construct a paper moth called ‘Tallulah (a very small love story)’