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Cut-out is basically the ‘flat style’ currently seen everywhere.


Cut-out is one of four styles which are strong, simple and great for icons or logos.

These styles are somewhat similar on the face of it.  But there are crucial differences. And these can make one style much better for certain things than the other(s).

Unlike Icon, Cut-out has no outlines. There are just shapes making up a picture, so it’s simpler. Sometimes Cut-out looks a lot like Paper Art from the FUN styles. But whereas Paper Art has dimension, Cut-out is flat. Flat design is a huge trend now internationally and shows no signs of dying anytime soon. It’s easy to read, I guess, and people have so little time… we seek simplicity.

I’ve also added texture now, though, in a new development of this style which evolved from a book illustration to work done on yoga cards. Some of the illustrations from the yoga cards are featured above. You’ll see the textures in the Mermaid story featured on Icon.

The difference between Cut-out and Legend is in the colour of their outlines. Scraperboard usually has a linocut or other textures within the shapes. This differentiates it from Legend or Icon which are simpler. (Usually!)

Paper Art also conveys information or an image in a simple, reduced and economical way. It depends how much variety one needs, e.g. in an educational textbook, a variety of styles is what clients want.

Clients featured here include Maskew Miller Longman and Unilever.