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Icon is one of four styles which are simple and strong.


Ideal for logos and illustrations of African folk tales needing simple forms with abstract shapes and an emphasis on texture, this group of styles also includes Legend, Scraperboard and Cut-out. 

As mentioned on those pages as well, it’s similar to Cut-out, in that it has flat shapes. Like Cut-out, it has thick lines surrounding it, like Legend. But the difference is the colour of the thick outlines.

Icon is (surprise, surprise) very suitable for use in logos  or for presenting information graphically, as in the weather icons shown here, or the larger weather pictures. Children and adults find these images easy to absorb and assimilate a lot of info in a very short time.

Also a good style for cartoons with broader appeal than just for kids.

Clients whose work appears here include Cambridge University Press, Shuters and ECDworks.