Hyperreal  – a valuable style for any illustrator.|


A hyperreal image can be better than a photograph.

This is because  you can add details and effects with paint programs either to touch up existing photos or produce completely original work.

It’s brilliant for fantasy subjects, ‘artist’s impressions’ or visualisations. For technical drawings, convincing cutaway views are only possible with realistically drawn detail, drawn from various sources for a new perspective, more accessible to the viewer.

Also, light effects not possible in nature are easy with this technique. One can pick out what needs to be focused on, and either light just one individual in a crowd or add other special effects.

For instance, images generated in 3d programs become more interesting with a sparkle to draw the attention, or darkening or blurring unimportant detail.

Therefore, fantasy art is where this style comes into its own, with impossible creatures performing nature-defying feats. Hyperrealism helps your dreams and the world containing them, to be utterly believable.

Drak in lab Mutants at The MallApart from all that, this style can also create painterly effects and soften the cold perfection of 3D graphics.  All in all, there are moods that are possible only with hyperrealism.

Download a portfolio in this style here. 

Do note that some of the work includes bits and pieces of photography here and there. If you want to know where this occurs, here’s another portfolio, featuring only original illustration. Touch-ups are blanked-out.