Pencil Crayon

pencil crayon pencil & colour pure pencil | tinted strokes

Pencil crayon is a happy remnant from those early school days.

It was so frustrating, though – the colours were just not vivid or dark enough! Computers are better. But recently I tried an adult colouring-in project which was such fun. Even though I do something similar every day, it had the required effect of relaxing me completely. If you do try it, make sure you have decent pencil crayons. Even if they cost a little more. Even much more.

As an illustration style, it can be hard work, but always very rewarding to do. When there’s a deadline and time is marching, it’s not quite as relaxing. But still enjoyable… dangerously so.

Clients whose work is shown here, include Via Afrika and Shuter & Shooter.