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Pure Pencil



Pure Pencil is a useful, realistic style with wide variations.


Pure Pencil is a beautiful and expressive style to use for black-and-white printing, especially with a tight budget.

Pure Pencil is also the star of the entire show throughout my drawing courses still in development. We’ll explore the many possibilities of pencil drawing, step by step.

All my work starts with a pencil drawing. It gives birth to everything else, then fades off into the background, until it’s needed again. Except when it becomes a star in its own right.

Clients here: Longman Mozambique; Jan de Groot (portrait, private commission), and Shuters. Finally – an exploratory character drawing of Scribble, the hero of my screenplay, Mutants at The Mall, still in development.

Other PENCIL styles: Pencil & Colour, Tinted Lines, Pencil Crayon