‘We’ll have to use stick-figures!’

When the budget needs to go to the bone… stick figures come into their own.

There was a new job involving the supervision of schools from my client for a certain African country north of here; but the budget was smaller than usual. So she came up with the novel idea of doing stick figures and because she was laughing, I thought she was joking.

It worked quite well and her clients were very happy because even stick-people can convey a concept, emotions, frustrating situations… Some of the frustrating situations appear in the first three pics – the disruption of a schoolday by lots of cars full of officials arriving, with everyone rushing to ‘make nice’; the intrusion into schooltime by socialising with the officials while the children do no learning; the distraction during classes by the Visitors.

Other images show the various types of schools found there, and though some are humbler than others, all can be well-run.

Hope you enjoy the show!