Little Wingsters





Little Wingsters is a courier company on the tiny planet Winghaven, from where the mighty Moya sends four angels to help children everywhere, but …when they mess up, who will un-mess the messengers?


There are many good reasons why children sometimes feel ready to give up.  It’s the Little Wingsters’ job to remind them that they can always choose their reaction to any event. They are never alone.

The main reason for producing this story is to personify children’s own inner strengths; to let them pause and imagine their favourite angel(s)…

In that moment when they ‘hand it over’, their own minds can come up with a solution in a more relaxed state.

Genre: Rescue adventures  |  3D animated series  |  26 x 11 min  |  Age 6 – 8  


At the core of Winghaven dwells Moya, a playful swarm of tiny lights who listens via the planet’s earphones to the requests and yearnings of children everywhere. She selects the best angels for the situation, matching the special ability of each, with the kids’ issues.

Once Moya has made a plan, the postbox spews instructions which the angels try to reach before their mischievous gardener. The screen shows the latest situation encountered by two siblings, Trevor and Casey and their friends in each episode. The series focuses on this family as the human component.

The feathers on the Slynaps tree catch star-seeds, forming cocoons to hatch new angels, like Coco. In the first episode we accompany Coco as she hatches, meets Moya, learns the Rules and enters her apartment in the Keep.

At the beginning of each episode, Moya summons the angels via an announcement from the red postbox. Usually there’s a short video of the child in the situation on the screen. The Wingsters then locate the child by thought and are there instantaneously. 

In each episode, one or two of our chubby heroes will be assigned to a specific child in its situation. They communicate among themselves by thought too, so they all grasp a situation instantly. Or so they think…

Predictably this leads to chaos, e.g. with Punki bringing a creative idea, but Inga must bring the child the patience to carry it out. Until she arrives, Xuki may zoom in to fix it with his clever logic but sometimes only Coco can bring the necessary dose of joy. Soon they’re all trying.  Then Moya must rescue the rescuers with coincidences and odd occurrences and a sparkle here and there. But they do try never to disappoint her…

Moya’s Singing Planet

As you’ll hear in their song: ‘Sometimes we may get it wrong, but our Moya makes us strong!’

I first heard Stuart Ziegler’s music live at an exhibition by Katherine Glenday. Two musicians performed with stones, shells and various other objects from nature. Stuart then mixed these with music he supplied. Sadly it’s no longer online.

I hope to collaborate with him to supply the track for Moya’s mashups which will probably include many more everyday sounds. Here is an example. I imagine the planet floating through space emitting music that Moya puts together from the sounds of Earth. Another inspiration is the work of Felix Laband who also incorporates everyday sounds, like a bath draining, bits of conversation etc.

Here’s the ‘Song of Wings’ which plays out each episode, can be used as the base for general theme music and as part of Moya’s mashups. I’m no musician, so this was done with ScoreCloud, (like a speech-to-text app for music). 

It definitely awaits an expert’s touch.