Little Wingsters





Meet The Wingsters!

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Hyper-creative, Punki is the artist, with ideas and inspiration for kids who are stuck for a solution. But he can be impatient and a bull in a china shop. Innocently amoral, he follows his own drum. But every now and again he tries to fit in, and stop being such an… alien.


Inga is a ‘maker’ with patience and skill built up over years. This is because stuff tends to break when Inga’s around. So she’s come to enjoy mending it or making something brand new from it.
Trouble with Inga – it’s her way or the highway and she’s never wrong. And you can’t hurry Inga. So she’ll wait very kindly till the others see things her way.



Expert and logical, Xuki wants to be ‘the one who knows’, to understand everything, to have it all worked out and be prepared for anything, so the others will finally admit he’s ‘the most useful angel’.

Behind his self-effacing ways and shy nature is a quiet pride in knowing far more than the others. 


Healer and joy-bringer, Coco is  a raucous little gigglebutton who finds the oddest things funny at the worst times. Still, she WILL find the bright side, always. She keeps going by eating too much when she’s tired from not sleeping enough for fear of missing out. Often, she can be found napping in odd places, her location betrayed by her giggles as she sleeps.

Coco wing medallion



Punki :

‘There is always a way.’

Punki is hyper-creative, bringing ideas and inspiration, but he can become impatient and inadvertently rude, a real bull in a china shop, not understanding why others can’t come up with creative solutions. It’s so easy!

He is innocently amoral – not knowing the code by which Earth or its angels live, because he’s from another planet. Very much a diamond in the rough, he makes up his own rules as he goes. He tries to remember Moya’s rules, but it’s hard to remember every tiny detail… every single time… for every situation!

His blue skin and three-fingered hands emphasise the fact that he’s different – he tries to fit in, gives up, tries again… Then he settles for being Unique, but becomes a comical jigsaw of aspects he admires in others, although in general, he follows his own drum.


Punki wings medallion
Punki’s all about using what you have, to get what you want.  
Because there’s ALWAYS a way.



‘We can fix this.’

Inga is a ‘maker’ with patience and skill built up over years, and she’s eager to share this with children learning something new, trying to persuade them to hang in there. Also creative, she is more about the ‘how to’, the 10 000 hours of honing one’s skills and ‘being good with your hands’.

This is because stuff tends to get broken when Inga’s around. So, over time, she started to enjoy mending the damage she caused or taking it further by making something new from it. It was never a mistake, it was ‘just as well THAT happened!’


As a fixer, Inga lives to solve everyone’s problems,
sometimes stepping on toes in her efforts.

Trouble with this angel is that it’s her way or the highway and she’s almost never wrong. And you can’t hurry Inga. So she’ll wait till the others see it her way, and she’s very kind while she waits for them.

Her only regret is that the children never realise she’s responsible for all the splendour they create! On the other hand, she’s also to blame for some of the accidents that occur apparently out of nowhere… To feel valuable and needed is what drives Inga. Nothing much gets her down, except perhaps others’ impatience with her clumsiness. 

She identifies with the culture of the icy North, where there is a long history and tradition of crafts.



‘It is as it is.’

Intensely devoted to mathematics, science and all things tech, Xuki happily loses himself in the mysteries of his favourite things. These can distract him from going off and dealing with children’s problems, since those are ‘easy’.

Like the Ancient Greeks, Xuki craves perfection in
everything he tries. Sometimes he comes pretty close, as with the mathematical equations he makes visible, so as to send them off into space to delight and puzzle whoever may spot them there.

Expert at all things logical, Xuki wants to be ‘the go-to guy’; to understand everything, to have it all worked out and be prepared for anything, so the others will finally know who’s ‘the most important angel’.

Now and again he forgets himself and lets rip, having fun in spite of himself. Then he becomes really useful to the others as a strategic genius, especially with serious ‘interhouse’ battles, competing with Little Wingsters from other planets (later!).

Wings Xuki
Behind Xuki’s quiet nature is a pride in knowing far more than the other Little Wingsters. If only they would realise it…

Apart from making his mathematical space sculptures, Xuki enjoys riding Peg, his home-made flying horse, to get away from it all, including himself.

Maybe the others will help him not to take himself so seriously, to make some space in his busy brain for fun and friends and just chill a little. Then perhaps that small smile that rarely sneaks out, will slide across his face more often as the series goes on.

Peg the flying horse Xuki made



‘Be happy and be well.’

Coco introduces us to Winghaven and the other three Little Wingsters. The story begins with her emerging from her cocoon on the Slynaps Tree, as fully grown as she’ll ever be.

With all the innocence of a very young child, Coco tends to laugh at inappropriate moments, and point out embarrassing facts. Just as well that the children can’t hear her. Usually.

Coco brings joy and healing wherever she goes, simply by pointing out what is good about the situation.

Coco wing medallion
Laughter is her hallmark and Coco is much louder than she looks. She’s an outgoing hedonist who finds the oddest things funny.

Coco makes Pollyanna look grumpy by comparison – she has endless reasons for being happy. This could become annoying but her compadres can’t be cross with her for long.

Relentlessly pursuing freedom and happiness, Coco usually has a serious fear of missing out. She tries to maintain her fun level by eating when she’s tired, due to not sleeping enough, for fear of missing out. More often than is useful, she can be found napping in odd places. And she’s easy to find because she even giggles in her sleep.