Shooz: TV series

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The Shooz – (a ballerina, a bodyguard, a nerd, a runner and everyone’s granpa, a fluffy bunny) learn as they play, sing and dance, with some help from Mango the goldfish.


All the Shooz have in common is their lost state. But they have plenty of fun while waiting for someone to claim them from the Lost & Found box at a lively preschool.

MANGO (the goldfish) eyes them from his bowl and plays the narrator/mentor, with occasional comments/questions to the viewers. The show is designed to be highly interactive, with many opportunities to sing along, dance and respond to questions.

The Shooz and Mango


The Lost & Found box is where the Shooz retreat when the preschool kids arrive for their school day. But it’s all go when the kids depart, and time for the Shooz to do something new, with Mango the goldfish as their guide.  

Using peek-a-boo and many other games, they (and their young viewers) learn about many things including colours, textures, shapes, numbers, concepts of ‘over, behind, through’ etc., everyday practical skills, one or two safety strategies (see songs) and social interactions, to mention just a few themes.Synopses