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Mutants at The Mall


90 min mixed media feature film for family viewing.



Mutants at The Mall



90 min | mixed media feature | family viewing.
Aqua Velvet  ||  Scribble  ||  Sheena Orion  ||  Drakanica   ||  Cogs  || Monty


Q: What do you value above all else in life?
A: I really love being here at Xanadu farm with Scribble and our daughter Skyla. Our safety and food security – (organic, fresh food), is vital too. But – to be perfectly honest, I’d have to say, I value time. There’s never enough time to do all the things we still want to change here.

Q: What are you most ashamed of?
A: Laughing when Ramoon put Scribble’s wheelchair in the tree. Even if he hadn’t seen me, it wasn’t kind. It makes me sad that I can never undo it.

Q: What is your biggest source of pride and why?
A: Making the farm happen in the Mall brings me joy every morning when I wake up in our oak tree, right in the centre of it all. The scent of all that food growing and knowing everyone has enough, will always make me proud. And naturally I’m love Scribble for thinking of it, and the community for making it all happen. They’ve got my back.

Character sheet: Aqua Velvet

More on Aqua Velvet

At the beginning of the story, Aqua Velvet is the love of Scribble’s life, and he adores her from afar at the Old Zoo but he abandons his efforts when he overhears her laughing with his bully, and he leaves. Aqua at that time doesn’t have a thought in her head other than grooming her cascade of ear-hair and helping out her friends with their beauty regimes. But she likes Scribble too, and her elaborate charade is only a strategy.

Aqua becomes much more independent later in the story, rediscovering a love of gardening from a discarded permaculture magazine. Inspired, she digs out her grandmother’s embroidered bag of heirloom seeds. Together with other mutants, she builds something magnificent from the ruins of the Old Zoo where she, like Scribble, was quarantined with all the other mutants by their respective families.

Finally, when Scribble persuades her to come to the Mall and they transform it into Xanadu Farm, she exceeds even her own expections.


  • Drakanica – she’s slightly jealous of Scribble’s fascination with Drakanica and quietly enraged that he just goes off with her. Drakanica is unaware, because she doesn’t pick up emotional cues or read expressions very well.
  • Cogs – Aqua is mystified by Cogs. She knew him when he was a lost little owl who barely knew what season it was. And now he’s throwing his tiny weight around at the Mall. Until he loses his brain chips of course. He fiercely resists her attempts to cuddle him.
  • Scribble is the love of her life, but he’s very impulsive, and she has her work cut out keeping him in check, and managing his wild plans for the Mall, now known as Xanadu Farms.
  • Monty: Aqua has always had a good relationship with Monty, and this improved even more when he brought her updates about Scribble’s progress, or lack of it, at the Mall.
  • Sheena:  Aqua enjoys Sheena’s music and is happy to let history fade away. Still, it worries her just a little that her daughter, Skyla, is absolutely fascinated by the melodious iron lady.