Make ideas visible

Presentations need  visuals to show people the ideas that are (so far) only in your head.  Ideas can be as brilliant as anything Tesla ever came up with, but you need some way of sharing them, or in your head they will stay.

When you’re ready to bring your amazing dreams / visions / ideas / concepts to the people who matter, so they’ll fund your new invention, understand your movie or ad concept, or get excited about visiting this amazing new space:- call me  like these people did, and make sure they get the whole picture.


Detail: Interior of the Gateway to Robben Island.

View of the non-sea-facing entrance.

The exterior view of the Gateway to Robben Island, Cape Town


Below: A visualisation of a mobile coffee kiosk for the Bruce Ketta chain in Cape Town. Find this also under artist’s impressions.

An illustration of the perspective view, with the signage, equipment, sugar and spices dispensers added.

Wireframe view directly overhead, of mobile kiosk.

The two frames below come from a storyboard for a Russian confectionery ad.




Below: a frame from a storyboard for Pep Stores on behalf of Zoom ad agency, announcing their Recharge Day promotion.