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HIV-AIDS: Much has changed in South Africa since these illustrations were commissioned.


Please know that these illustrations were drawn in a dark part of South Africa’s history when the government’s treatment of HIV was bizarre, erratic and criminally misguided.

Instead of mainstream medicine, patients were told to eat lots of garlic, the African potato or ‘madumbi’, as well as plenty of beetroot. Hundreds of thousands of people died needlessly and in agony. A figure of half a million has been mentioned. 

ARV’s were dispensed very reluctantly. Funerals happened every weekend and were depicted wherever HIV-AIDS was dealt with in schoolbooks.

Thanks almost entirely to the Treatment Action Campaign, much has changed in the treatment and management of HIV-AIDS.

Most patients can access free or low-priced ARVs.  There have been huge strides in our current management of HIV-AIDS compared to what it was. But we still have a great deal to do.

Client: Shuters