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Visual education has no place in our South African curriculum yet, except as part of other subjects.


This book was done for Mozambique where art is still taught.

I do hope the situation will improve in the future. There are encouraging signs that this may change soon but so far I haven’t heard of any art or visual education textbooks being produced.

Visual education is being subsumed into ‘culture and heritage’ studies, with music studies also thrown in. All this is well and good, but there is a very serious lack for instance in the animation industry, of people who can draw. Anyone who manages to get together a portfolio to get into an creative institution of higher learning has probably done so on their own time, i.e. beyond school hours, or has attended a private art school to polish their skills.

May the new government initiative go well beyond sincere intentions and talk-shops.

Client represented here: Longmans Mozambique, through MML Cape Town.