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Stories for children – fun, enriching, fun, educational, fun.

America the Grateful

A book by Lisa Suhay, in conjunction with the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival Committee. Its aim is to reclaim America’s first English-Speaking Thanksgiving for the State of Virginia.


Book is available on Amazon here.

The Mermaid Who Came in on The Tide

The little mermaid who comes in on the tide
(a play on words because The Tide is the name
of the local transit system.) is found
on the beach by local children. 

The Mermaid Who Came in on The Tide

Book is available on Amazon here

My Children’s Act: 

The Children’s Act in South Africa,
for children to understand.

My Children's Act cover

Client: Cape Town Child Welfare


Honey Baby:

Two naughty brats manage to lock themselves
in a store-room during a school field trip,
with interesting results.

Honey Baby

Book available from Cambridge University Press

Mandevu Means Catfish:

A little girl catches a catfish and
saves the day for her picnicking
family and friends. 


Book available from: Cambridge University Press

From Thought to Book

The entire book production process.

This book covers every stage and everyone
involved, from the author’s first thought
to the book in the child’s hands.

From Thought to Book

Available from Cambridge University Press

Chicken Pox:

A little boy wakes up with chicken pox
and has an interesting week. Or not…

Illustration: Stories - 'Chicken Pox' pg 7


Client: Cambridge University Press

Themba’s Day

A young boy runs an errand for his mother –
with unexpected results.pg_15_themba

Client: Cambridge University Press

Nkoranteng, boy from Ghana

A boy from Ghana has to adjust to
life in a South African school.

Nkoranteng, Boy from Ghana


Book is available from: Shuters 

Lorry’s Friends:

A motorbike is helped by Lorry and his friends.
He then pays it forward by giving Tractor
a make-over, with their help.  

Illustration: Stories in African languages - 'Lorry and Friends', Pg 14


Client: Shuters, African Languages

The Fish

A fantasy story in Venda. 
Two little girls go swimming in the river
and meet a fish. And a crocodile… 


Illustration: Stories in African languages - 'The Fish, Pg 08

Client: Shuters, African Languages


A dark tale in Venda and Tsonga.
A little girl gets lost in a forest,
pursued by a supernatural cat.


Illustration: African languages: Stories - 'Lerato and the Cat' Pg 14

Client: Shuters, African Languages