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Animated GIFs


Animated GIFs refer to the .gif files which one uses to add interest to all kinds of communications.

These can range from logos online, hover states for buttons on websites to e.g. the teasers featured below, which were attached to emails.

These whales linking to bookings appearing on Hermanus accommodation sites go for only 3 rounds, otherwise it starts to get irritating…




The animated gifs below reminded delegates of a upcoming conference arranged by RCCP, a division of the OneWorld Group in Cape Town.

Simple is best for these, since they travel best when they travel light.  Some ‘go’ only once, others cycle endlessly.|







Animated gif teasers emailed to candidates for eco-seminar



However, my most complex animated gif so far is for the re-branding of Dave Britzius’s avatar, which went from a static pen shape to something a little more exciting, to mark his transition to building flight simulators: