Mailers and Brochures

Mailers and brochures or flyers or leaflets – whatever you call them, they can add huge value to your bottom line by going where you can’t.

Mailers & brochures and their cousins aren’t shy, aren’t pushy, they just are.

(Those lurking behind your windscreen wiper just may be described as getting in our face, but they get our attention, one way and another.) You just never know how long one of your mailers may lie about on top of someone’s fridge, or if it’s really attractive, it may be on the front of the fridge or on a noticeboard among the photos and grocery lists. Your logo becomes familiar, your brand becomes known – not only to that family or business, but to whoever comes there as well. So it’s worth spending some time to make mailers more likely to be welcomed. Think about their possible new environments.

The mailers you send out into the world need to have their own personality, their own conversational style in addition to representing your brand. If they are polite and friendly, they’ll will be more welcome in some circles. Edgy and brimming with street-cred, they’ll be more accessible to others. The people you’re trying to reach can be useful to ask – do a little market research with various alternatives before you commit. It’s amazing how wrong one can be… People out there can very ‘unexpected’ in their reactions to what you’re trying to tell them.

I’m not talking about focus groups now, just flash three possible designs around, among the right people – give it to a younger or older friend to show to their friends if they are the target group, and so on. This can be a very informal exercise. Posting it on Facebook could also be an option – weigh it up, and decide how useful it could be. Even Twitter could be a great source of info – people love giving their opinions. And if some are not part of your market, you can quietly keep that in mind…

P.S. And now, (now being the 6 July 2014) – I bring you more EVEN more info from an article by Hansie Smit specifically regarding brochures, full of sound ideas and valid points. Enjoy!

Clients featured here:  Hermanus Esplanade and 45 Marine Drive, both of Hermanus; Age-in-Action; Centrepeace; Anglican Church of the Province; Sparxmedia Illustrators Agency, all of Cape Town.