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Nothing to Fear

Fears come in all shapes and sizes…



Pete and his fear


Pete has the burden of looking after his younger brother who is the black sheep of the family. Pete is the favourite, and that doesn’t help his anxiety at all.
Smoking a little dope lightens the load.

The Car Guard

The Carguard is an anonymous figure who turns out to be Pete’s brother.

His fears are financial, and they make him irritable. Pete helps him out with a chance to guard cars.

He also deals grass, which helps to pass the time.

The carguard and his fears

Olive and her fear


Olive has a fear of public speaking, men, and in particular, of
bursting into hysterical laughter.

She is very brave, coming to this encounter group, and being vulnerable. Her standby is a quick dose of the correct meds with the coffee supplied at the break.


Loyiso’s fear revolve around what he was told about Whites since a young age.

Nothing he has encountered since that time has changed his outlook, but he would like to feel better in general towards his fellow citizens because he’s going to take up work where they will be his underlings.
Loyiso’s escape is his music.

Loyiso and his fears


Simon and his fear


Simon suffers from PTSD after being robbed at the restaurant he was managing, many years ago. He also struggles with guilt, and is in a constant state of hyper-vigilance.

Nothing a quick line of coke won’t sort out, though.


Passer-by, no dialogue. 

Tilly and her fear


Willa and her fear


Passer-by, fellow choir-member with Tilly, no dialogue. 


Passer-by, dialogue only from his three Fears, attacking him.

Andreas and his fears