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Nothing to Fear

Fears come in all shapes and sizes…



A church hall that has seen better days, shines bravely in a seedy part of town. Here is where our everyday heroes meet their fears. Or not.

The entire interior, exterior and the characters will be rendered with cut-out paper of various textures. 

Exterior w 3 characters


Even if the background ends up being a flat collage, the weeds will be a 3D paper construction, as will the rubbish blowing around. Since the story takes place in the evening, the exterior background will be purples and greys contrasting with the warm colours of the sandstone church., somewhat affected also by the changing traffic light and the streetlight. The orange glow from the window will provide a focal point.

Lighting from the street lamp will illuminate the characters as they go from darkness to light and back again. 

The latest exterior view of the church hall shows some of the pic reworked with paper cutouts. This includes the plants, which are from an old pic of my foliage in paper from, colored different shades of dusty green.

Part of the wall and the gatepost has also been done to show how the whole pic will be treated. Lastly, I have scrunched up paper, and will probably add a bit more rubbish in the street e.g. simple paper slips, cigarette stubs, as well as some graffiti on the walls. The traffic light is in the first image (top of page) in preparation for Andreas and his fear of crossing the road. The plan is to make that a 3D construction to add some emphasis.


The aim is to convey a feeling of bleakness in both of the pictures.

I didn’t want the interior to be too warm and cosy, since it’s a place where painful work is done; a battleground where people come to terms with themselves. So there is a sense of rising damp, threadbare facilities, of bravely making the best of the sparse resources available to provide comfort in the form of a hot water urn, coffee, tea bags, milk and biscuits, even though these are all the very cheapest money can buy. That is what compassion and grace under fire look like when times are hard. 

There will still be quite a few tweaks, till I hope to have the viewer almost smell this room. The chairs and carpet for instance can look a bit more worn, and the cups less matching.