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Mutants at The Mall


90 min mixed media feature film for family viewing.



Mutants at The Mall



90 min mixed media feature film for family viewing.



Aqua Velvet  ||  Scribble  ||  Sheena Orion  ||  Drakanica   ||  Cogs  ||  Monty



Q: What do you value above all else in life?
A: La! You’re starting with the easy ones. Being obeyed, Doll. But being worshipped is even better. It’s growing on me, being the Queen of Song. I like power in one form or another. Goddess or Queen? Hmmm… tough choice, Sweetie. I think Goddess wins by an eyelash. A long one, at that.

Q: How do your beliefs make life better for yourself and those you care about?
A: The great thing is, I know best, and I know I do. Belief is a bit wishy-washy, yer know? And there’s nothing wishy or washy about this iron lady, Honey. I have the confidence to stand by my decisions because they bring me a lot of joy, and when I’m happy, everyone’s happy. I’ve noticed that.

Q: What line will you never cross?
A: I try not to make Drakanica sad. You never know when you need a little touch-up so I like to keep the clutterbucket happy. She doesn’t need much, poor thing. Always so willing. But she can get into a sulk and that doesn’t help anyone, ya know? You seen this gold gauntlet she made me when I lost my hand rescuing someone? Look, real diamonds and emeralds, see? The big diamond – yeah, check it out. That’s the one I click to kick the party into action. The Tanzanite is for music only so I can do my karaoke, and this emerald switches it all to juke-box mode.

Q: What are you most ashamed of?
A: Ashamed… Honey, I can’t imagine being ashamed. Drakanica didn’t fit me with a conscience and you know what? I’m glad. Maybe if I dig really deep… I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that they tricked me into that award ceremony. But I got my revenge. Well, la! For a while anyway. But ashamed – that’s for little creatures with little emo tions. I mean… hello. Ashamed?! Please.

Q) What is your biggest source of pride and why?
A: I rock and I rule, baby. Leaders are born, not made! Though I was kinda made, but let’s just say I was made for this. To be the Queen of Song. They worship me. And your time’s up.

Character sheet: Sheena Orion

More on Sheena

Sheena is based partly on Mr Brittas, the offensively oblivious manager of a British gym in The Brittas Empire, (popular sitcom from the Nineties), and partly on a woman who made an abiding impression.

Sheena is a Walter Mitty figure, in that her inner vision has little relation to reality. Unlike Walter Mitty, though, she steam-rolls everyone in her path, mainly because she’s found it works. She embodies the principle that people will judge you according to your own view of yourself, even if they secretly wonder…

She hankers for a life of glitz and glamour. Back in the day, she was part of back-stage life, ironing costumes for the stars – a far cry from where Drakanica found her in the laundrette, tired and steamed-off with being among the ‘ordinary’ irons and one of the older ones at that. She borrows extensively from her Life in the ‘The-aatah’ and to listen to her one could almost believe she was actually one of the stars, with her ‘inside knowledge’ of what goes on in Hollywood, gleaned from gossip amongst the performers.

The doll from Toy Story provided inspiration for this monster of cobbled-together bits and pieces. Looking for inspiration, I came across this: Toy Story: make your own nasty doll 


  • Drakanica whom she orders around (but fairly cautiously, she is aware of Drakanica’s power even though Drakanica herself tends to forget) and then has to deal with Drakanica’s passive-aggressive ‘forgetting’ to follow her instructions or locking herself away with her work and ‘just not getting to it’;
  • Cogs because she is impatient with his erratic mind but needs his support – trouble is, he sometimes forgets his place at really inconvenient moments;and
  • Scribble because he is the only rebel who won’t kowtow to her.
  • Monty? Sheena doesn’t even notice Monty… much to her downfall.